"Ramp Bros" in Southern Review. Spring 2022.

"The Anthropologist Problem" in Salamander.

"Counting" in Guernica.

"The Pauper's Dog in Current Affairs 5.5.

“Deer Camp” in The Pinch 39.2. Fall 2019.

“Pinned” in Bull: Men's Fiction.

“Three Labors” in Natural Bridge 41. (RIP)

“No Ash Will Burn” in Carolina Quarterly. 


"Trying to Keep Up With Grandma's Love Life" in The New York Times and The Modern Love Podcast. 

"These Trespasses" in Belt.

"Loiterers" in Belt. Republished in Best of Belt 2020.


“Slaughtering Hogs” in Chattahoochee Review 39.2.


“The seizure that made me a college professor” in Inside Higher Ed


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Rattled: On the Recklessness of Loving a Dog” in Catapult

"This American Fife" in Appalachian Review 49.2

“Barely Runnable” in Appalachian Heritage 46.2. (Now Appalachian Review.)

     *Winner of Plattner Award and Pushcart Nominee*

Features & Criticism

"Uncovering America's First Oil Landscape" in Belt.

"Mike Rowe's Dirtiest Job" in The New Republic.

"John Henry and the Divinity of Labor" in Current Affairs. 

"Remote Work Incentives are a Scam" in Protean Magazine

"Freeze-Dried Pets are Forever" in SlateRepublished in Newsweek Japan

"Green Burial Want to Clean Up American Funerals" in Slate. 

Poems, Lists, Reviews, Etc. 

“From a blanket on a hill in West Virginia” in Permafrost 40.2 

“After a difficult conversation, a walk” in Permafrost 40.2. 

“Comparatively Speaking” in Permafrost 40.2. 

“Essay on Witnessing a Motorcycle Accident” in Sou'wester. Spring 2019

“Nightlife at the Patio Bar” in Sou'wester. Spring 2019. 

“List: Pennsylvania town names or my search history from the 6th Grade.” in Mcsweeney’s Internet Tendency. 

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